Ski Binding Delta Angles

The different ski binding manufacturers have different binding angles so changing from one brand to another can affect your stance, posture & balance etc.The measurement is the additional height of the heel above the toe.

The manufacturers often build in this height in an attempt to help users get forward more. If you have too much forward tilt (or delta as it's correctly known), especially when combined with the forward lean of your boots it can be counter productive as you end up sticking your backside out to counterbalance.
Here's the binding delta angles for the different binding manufacturers:
Marker Duke/Baron/Tour
0mm (with alpine boots)
Marker Duke/Baron/Tour +6mm (with AT boots)
Atomic +2mm
Salomon +2mm
Head/Tyrolia/Fischer +3mm
Marker Jester/Griffon +4mm
Look/Rossi/VIST +5mm
Look/Rossi Pivot/FKS +5mm (only flat with their 5mm toe shims)
Dynafit Radical Speed/ST/FT +15mm (with Vulcan/Mercury boot)
Dynafit Radical ST/FT +12mm (with Tecnica Cochise boot)
Dynafit Beast 16
+6mm (with Vulcan/Mercury boot)


new kit 3

When I had my boots correctly aligned & balanced by Colin & Andi at Solutions4feet (see the UK Boot Fitting & Alignment section) I balanced best with my toes 2mm higher than my heels. I therefore use 7mm shims under my toe bindings to offsets the +5mm delta of the Vist heel piece, as shown in the pic.

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