Campbell Balancer Analysis

Invented by Harry Campbell, the Campbell Balancer is a diagnostic tool for establishing the ideal fore/aft positioning of your ski bindings. Here’s an extract from the Campbell Balancer patent that explains it best:

“Currently, the positioning of ski boot bindings on alpine skis is determined by aligning a ski boot mid-sole mark indicative of the midpoint of the boot sole with a ski manufacturer's prescribed mounting mark on the surface of the ski. The mounting mark is typically a predetermined point which is generally determined by the manufacturer using statistical averages. Such a positioning system is ineffective for skiers whose physiology differs significantly from the statistical averages. More importantly, the prior art systems are not capable of dealing with individual variations in a person's flex, stance and balance. Such individual variations are significant. In particular, there is a substantial physiological difference in the flex, stance and balance characteristics of men and women which ought to be taken into account in the positioning of bindings on skis in order to enhance skier comfort, safety and efficiency for a particular skier. Use of the present standards for aligning the boots and bindings on skis by utilizing the manufacturer's mid-sole mounting points typically positions many skiers, and particularly women, too far back on their skis. The deviation from a neutral dynamic balance point is often found to be several centimetres. Skiers positioned too far back or forward on their skis are not able to turn their skis as effectively and efficiently as skiers properly positioned at a dynamically neutral balance position on the skis who, therefore, have adequate control over the operation of the skis."

It only costs £25.00 to have your ideal balance position diagnosed.

Note that the analysis is only accurate for conventional full camber skis (like race skis) and is not suitable for skis that are heavily rockered. 

For further information on the Campbell Balancer see the section under the Recommended Links heading under the Other Info menu.

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