Dynafit Speed Turn 2.0


£230.00 (inc VAT)
Dynafit Speed Turn 2.0 bindings has been a winner from day one.
This is basically the old TLT Vertical Speed heel binding & toe binding but with greater length range adjustment on the heel to give a budget priced entry level binding but without the advanced features of the Radical range. New for 15/16 is that the toe binding is now made from forged aluminium which is a lot stronger than the older plastic version. The toe also now has the four screw Radical mounting pattern.
Note: This binding is supplied WITH the Dynafit Guide Leash.

Other features:
  • Weight 370g (single toe & heel) 
  • forged aluminium toe frame (without shim)
  • optimized locking Lever
  • adjustable length +/- 12.5 mm
  • torx screw mounting
  • four screw toe mounting pattern

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