Dynafit Radical(1) ST or Speed Radical/Turn 6mm Toe Shim


£20.00 (inc VAT)
A pair of  predrilled Dynafit Radical(1) ST factory 6mm thick toe bases which can be fitted underneath the existing bases or fitted to Dynafit Speed Radical/Turn toes to reduce the delta angle. Also works with other tech toes that use the Dynafit mounting pattern.

Can be ordered with or without the rear plastic tag adjacent to the crampon slot.

If using to replace a broken ST base plate then use your original/existing screws.

If using as a shim to go underneath a Radical(1) ST toe or a Speed Radical/Turn/Turn 2.0/Superlite/Superlite 2.0 toe then order the shim without the rear tag but you'll also need to cut-off the front locating 'hook'.

If using as a shim then extended mounting screws must be purchased seperately. Use the 28mm length for a Radical(1) ST or the 19mm for the Speed Radical/Turn/Turn 2.0/Superlite/Superlite 2.0.

If using Quiver Killer insets then detail your requirements on the order form & Jon will spec the appropriate screws.

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