Kunzmann Base Doc II


£66.00 (inc VAT)
Advanced butane gas powered soldering iron type tool for 'welding' in metal grip & p-tex base repair strips (not candles) to give far greater adhesion than the conventional 'dripping candle' method. With a self ignition button & a fine temperature control.

This tool is not to be confused with similar looking tools designed for metal soldering which are waaaay too hot for use on a ski or snowboard bases. The Base Doc II tool has a different venturi, burner unit & tip designed to run from 160-180C specifically for repairing ski & snowboard bases. 

The Base Doc tool is very easy to use, here's the process:
- turn on Base Doc tool & leave for a few mins to heat up
- degrease repair area with wax remover
- rub tip of tool over/in repair area (no pressure required) until the p-tex material starts to slightly melt/smoke
- use tip of tool (set to medium heat) to melt the p-tex repair strip in to the repair
- gently move the repair material around the area to ensure the base material 'mixes' with the repair material to ensure a real 'weld'
- overfill the repair by 1-2mm & leave to fully cool for 15-20mins
- trim of excess with a sharp chisel until flush with base
- use a medium sandpaper to add structure to the repair surface, rubbing from tip to tail
If the repair site exposes a lot of core &/or metal then weld in a thin layer of metalgrip (on lowest heat setting) to provide a foundation layer prior to applying the repair p-tex.

For filling we recommend the Go System #3185 butane gas cannister (which lasts for ages) available from B&Q for under a fiver.

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