Skimender RP105 Base Repair Pistol - EU plug


£49.00 (inc VAT)
The world acclaimed & British made RP105 Skimender is the ideal light duty base repair pistol for the DIY tuner who wants proper 'welded' base repairs but who doesn't do the quantity of repairs to justify the cost of the professional level RP360 pistol. 

Complete with a screw down bench stand. Uses 11.5mm diameter p-tex rods & comes with four short clear rods only.

Plug in, switch on & leave the pistol stand for 15 minutes for the 227C/440F heating element to melt the welding rod. Clean/degrease the repair area with wax remover. Use the pistol tip under slight pressure to massage the base repair area until the base material gets sticky & can be moved around. Squeeze the trigger & the heated tip will extrude and smear the liquified material into the repair, again under light pressure. Leave to fully cool & harden (at least an hour) then remove the excess p-tex in thin layers with a sharp chisel until flush with the ski base. Then give the area a light longitudinal rub with some sand paper to add some structure. Job done.

Fitted with an EU plug.


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