Skimender RP360 Pro Base Repair Pistol - UK plug


£190.00 (inc VAT)
The world acclaimed & British made Skimender RP360 is a high performance base repair pistol designed for use in a professional workshop or for the advanced DIY'er to undertake fully 'welded' base repairs.

The plate on the RP360 runs hotter than the DIY level RP105 pistol & gets up to temperature in just a few minutes & it's circuitry allows it to be used continually. 

On/off switch in the grip & the flow rate is controllable by the amount of trigger pressure applied.

Uses 11.5mm dia p-tex rods.

Comes complete with both a detachable stand, a screw down magnetic stand, a Tec Mat, 3no. black 11.5mm dia p-tex rods & 3no. 11.5mm dia clear p-tex rods.
Comes fitted with an UK plug.
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