Drill'n'Tap Guide


£29.00 (inc VAT)
A Drill'n'Tap Guide to enable DIY binding mounters and Quiver Killer insert installers that don't have access to a professional binding jig or drill press to easily drill and tap holes that are perpendicular to the top sheet of the ski and that won't wander. 

Machined by Jon from durable/corrosion resistant 6082 aluminium the 106 x 64 x 25mm guide has a series of three different precision sized holes to accommodate all your drilling and tapping requirements:

- 3 x holes for all binding mounting step drills / the 12AB metal layer binding tap / the Quiver Killer insert step drill / the Quiver Killer tap / the Quiver Killer Pro installation tool
- 3 x holes for the Quiver Killer 'Rescue' drill bit
- 2 x holes for the Quiver Killer 'Rescue' tap

When used for drilling the guide should be clamped to the ski (clamps not included) but when tapping it can simply be hand held. 

Drill Guide

Tap Guide

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