Quiver Killer Pro Installation Kit


£53.00 (inc VAT)
The Quiver Killer Pro installation tool set is ideal for the installation of QK binding inserts when using a mounting jig. It is also suitable for DIY installers who may not be using a jig but who are installing large numbers of inserts as it greatly reduces the installation time.

The set is exclusively made for Quiver Killer by one of the world's leading tool manufacturers.

The set comprises of the following, all of which are sized for mounting jig use:

- Step drill bit*
- Tap 
- Installation tool

The installation tool has a bind free tapered thread so doesn't need locking nuts however two locking nuts are included just in case.

* For best results pilot drill with a proper binding mounting step drill which are availalbe in the 'Binding Mounting Tools' section. 

Also required but not included is a waterproof flexible epoxy adhesive (Araldite 2011 Standard Precision) to bond/seal the inserts in the ski & Vibra-Tite VC3 threadlock.

Loctite may be harmful to some of the plastics of which bindings are composed. For example, 22 Designs specifically forbids the use of Loctite with their telemark bindings. 

For this reason Quiver Killer only recommend the use of Vibratite VC3 
which is a non-anaerobic formula that is benign to all plastics. Paint the solution onto the end 3/4mm of the mounting screws & leave to dry before installation. The screws may be un- and re-installed several times without reapplication.   

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