Quiver Killer 'Rescue' Inserts - individual - DUE SOON


£6.00 (inc VAT)
Quiver Killer Rescue inserts are the same as the regular insert above but with a larger 11+mm outside diameter for that "oh shit" moment as they're perfect for repairing a pulled-put binding screw (better & easier than a heli-coil) for when you cock-up a Quiver Killer installation and need to replace an insert that's been installed a bit off line. The Rescue insert has the same M5 inner thread as a regular Quiver Killer insert but with a lot larger diameter to allow it to 'encapsulate' the damaged area or an out-of-location insert etc. 

Sold individually. 

Requires the Rescue Insert Tap, Rescue Drill Bit and an epoxy sachet for installation (all sold seperately).  
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