Vibra-Tite VC3 Threadlock - 1ml sachet


£1.50 (inc VAT)
VC3 Application reduced
Quiver Killer only certifies the use of Vibra-TITE VC3 antivibration threadlock to secure the M5 mounting screws into the Quiver Killer inserts. VC-3 is a non-anaerobic formula that is benign to all plastics. 

One sachet is sufficient for one set of binding screws plus a few spares.

Simply coat the end 4/5mm of the mounting screws in the VC-3 solution & leave to completely dry (approx 5 mins) before installation. The screws can then be kept in a bag in your tool kit when travelling etc. The screws may be un- and re-installed several times without reapplication. Don't be concerned when you first remove the screws and it appears that there's not much of the VC-3 on the threads as it will now be in the insert.

There's a couple of methods that work best for coating the threads:
1. Cut off the corner of the sachet at 45 degrees to leave a hole just big enough for the mounting screw to go through then simply poke the screw in to the sachet in to the solution. Then stand thread up/head down to dry.
2. Pour the solution in to a small dish then dip the screw in. Then stand thread up/head down to dry. 

Whichever method you use you'll need to work quickly as the solution starts to go 'off' after about 5 minutes.
Loctite is very harmful to some of the plastics of which bindings are composed and if it comes in to contact with such the plastic will fail within a short period of time and without any signs of there being an issue. For this reason Quiver Killer only certifies the use Vibra-TITE VC-3 threadlock which is a non-anaerobic formula that is benign to all plastics. 




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