Launched at the end of the 12/13 season Resqski is a device for finding skis in deep snow up to 30 metres away & up to a metre depth. And it really works!

Simply stick or screw them on your prized planks & never worry about losing a ski in powder again. Check out: 

Resqski works using RF (radio frequency) technology & should not interfere with the operation of avalanche transceivers. Avalanche transceivers operate at 457 KHZ whereas Resqski operates at frequency 2.45 GHZ. A credit card sized handheld receiver communicates with specially developed homing tags that lead you to the lost ski using flashing lights & audible beeps. The lights move from red to green & the beeps get ever louder & more frequent the closer you get to the ski.

Each receiver has four numbered buttons (1, 2, 3 & 4) allowing for a total of four homing tags to be registered to the receiver. You'd therefore register your first pair of skis to buttons 1 & 2.

The bases are designed so that the homing tags can be removed from the base plate. A pair of dummy homing tags are supplied to be installed in the base plate to protect it when the homing tags have been removed & to give a clean streamlined appearance when the Resqui system is not needed.

Additional pairs of base plates & dummy homing tags can be purchased to allow the transfer of the homing tags to other pair of skis. 

An additional pair of homing tags (including base plates & dummy homing tags) can be purchased & registered to buttons 3 & 4 on the receiver thus allowing one receiver to search for two pairs of skis (ie, four individual skis).

The receiver is powered by a single replaceable CR2032 battery.

The two replaceable LR54 batteries in each of the homing tags give a season of operating power if turned on/off daily or 12-15 weeks of power if left on permanently. And the battery status can be easily identified at any time thanks to the red LED light when turned on
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Resqski Ski Finder System

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