18/19 Scott Cascade C Freeride Touring Carbon Ski Poles, 120-135cm - ONE PAIR LEFT!


£99.00 (inc VAT)

Cascade carbon pole folded - reduced

Superb poles for freeride, touring, ski mountaineering etc with length adjustment to allow the length to be altered for different conditions/terrain whilst on the go etc. 

Plus it's demountable for easy compact storage!

 Features are:

- Only weighs 297g per pole (with large basket fitted) with low swing weight
- Locked length adjustment from 120cm to 135cm
- Super strong 16mm & 14mm carbon construction with strong/easy length locking catch with adjustable tension
- 4-part demountable stowage with push button auto locking draw tension system
- Collapsed length 43cm
- Ergonomic foam cork grip with adjustable comfort strap 
- Extended non slip gripping zone below grip for ascending
- Interchangeable baskets
- Comes with both 30mm hard snow baskets & 90mm powder baskets
- Duraflex replaceable carbide tip for grip on icey surfaces
- Black finish for easy spot if lost in deep snow 
 - List price £155, Jon's special price £99.00


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