Colltex Split Skins


£145.00 (inc VAT)

List Price £180.00    Jon's Special Price £155.00

Split skins also allow you to share one set of skins over multiple skis of different widths as it is the gap in the middle which changes rather than the edges. Since there is still plenty of skin, grip is more than adequate.

They are constructed from two strips of Colltex's popular 65% mohair 35% synthetic mix connected only at the tip. On wider skis this leaves a gap between the strips reducing weight but also decreasing friction on the snow giving improving glide. 

If you are a freeride skier who wants occasional touring capability on multiple ski widths then these are a great cost saving choice compared to having to purchase multiple pairs of skins.  

Colltex Split Skin Features:

  • 65% mohair 35% synthetic mix
  • Fixed wire tip fitting 90mm wide
  • 2 strips of skin material each 35mm wide per skin
  • 205cm length (which is trimmed to length)
  • Netting storage sheet and skin bag included


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