Jaws of Beast Ski Vice Set


£123.00 (inc VAT)
The 'Jaws of Beast' three piece ski vice set is simply the best on the market, yet it is far from being the most expensive! Jon has four of these vices sets in his workshop for servicing customers skis and the original two pairs have now 'handled' over 5000 pairs of skis and are still going strong!
The centre vice & the two outriggers are rubberised for grip & to prevent damage to the ski but the really clever feature of this system is that the centre vice is slightly off-set compared to the outriggers so as to use the flex of the ski to tension the tips & tails in the finger slots. 

Apart from giving incredibly stable support the finger slots make the vice extremely quick to use and to reposition the skis when changing from base to edge work & when changing between skis of different profiles etc.

The set comprises of the centre vice, the two outriggers plus three 2"/50mm bench clamps. 
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