Dominator Zoom Lime Universal Wax: 400g


£49.00 (inc VAT)
The best universal wax on the market due to it's wide 0C to -12C snow temperature operating range making it great for UK based users who are waxing for unknown conditions & temperatures abroad.

This hydrocarbon wax performs equally as well on either new or old snow. If the snow temperatures are either warmer or colder than the operating range (which makes the ski's a little sticky or sluggish) then simply supplement with a wipe of Zardoz Notwax over the top.

For best results leave the skis for at least 90 minutes after ironing so the ski & wax can fully cool. Then scrape, brass brush & horsehair brush.

For even better results use Dominator Base Renew Purple wax before application.

400g is sufficient for approx 25-35 pairs of skis depending on the size of the skis & the amount applied.

Packed in a blister pack.

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