Specialist Waxes

The base tuning method applies for using standard hydrocarbon wax. However, specialist fluorocarbon waxes & overlays, usually for racing, can be ‘crayoned’ on over the hydrocarbon ‘base coat’ & then ironed in/scraped in the conventional way. Some fluoro waxes & overlays are designed to be ‘corked’ in. After rubbing the wax over the base making slightly over lapping passes from the tip to tail, begin blending the wax into the base by rubbing it with the cork block using moderate pressure from tip to tail. The heat generated by the friction of the cork will warm the base & melt the wax, which will start to disappear into the base. Continued strokes with the cork will ensure that the wax is absorbed into the base. These specialist waxes & overlays then need plenty of polishing with the horsehair & nylon brushes & then fiberlene to bring out a real high speed shine on the base.

Many racers swear by ‘wet polishing’. After horsehair brushing they spray a fine mist of clean water on the base (using one of those small plant sprays) & then use short, overlapping tip to tail strokes with a medium to long bristled nylon brush. This can be repeated 2 to 3 times replenishing water as necessary. The result of this process is a finely polished surface which is void of the fine wax particles normally difficult to remove from standard brushing techniques. It has also been reported to decrease the static generating effects caused by friction against polyethylene bases. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know but you definitely end up with fast skis.

Note that flouro waxes & overlays need to be regularly cleaned from the base by hot scraping as the flouro tends to dry out the base.